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I am a visual storyteller. 

I’m passionate about working with people on projects and campaigns that have impact and integrity.

My photography helps build brands.

To achieve this, I spend time getting to the heart of things and translate this into powerful and meaningful images.

Involved from the early stages of a brand or campaign, I work collaboratively and listen carefully to my clients to shape the creative direction. 

Perhaps that’s why my relationships with clients stand the test of time. Or perhaps it’s a meeting of minds; valuing a close working relationship and a likeminded approach to the creative process,

The result? On-brand, professional photography and a strong and consistent visual identity that helps my clients build their business.

But who am I?

I am Bec Hughes, and I’m at my happiest with a camera in my hand (and a coffee in the other).

With boundless enthusiasm and a love of great ideas, I’ve been capturing things on film (yes, actual film), since I was a bendy young teenager in Tasmania.

Over the last 13 years, The House of Hues has gone from strength to strength and while the photography may have gone digital, my approach is more human than ever.

Throughout this incredible journey, it is the close-knit relationships with brilliant and inspiring people that I value most.


Brand – imagery that defines the visual identity of the business

Spaces – stunning architecture and beautiful interiors

People – putting people at ease and capturing their personality and spirit

Product & Food – in studio or on location, carefully crafted imagery to showcase product and make taste buds tingle

Teach a man to fish…

I offer personalised photography courses for businesses, so you can build your confidence and learn how to capture quality images for your day to day marketing needs. (link to the Teach a man page)