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For the past decade we've been busy taking lots of photos and forging long-standing relationships with our clients. We value them because we're like-minded souls; collaborating and corroborating to achieve specific goals. At a time when images saturate the market & are cheap and easy to come by in the form of stock photography, we pride ourselves on creating unique visual identities for our clients by working instinctively and listening carefully. Visual storytellers, we know the value of getting to the heart of things and translating this into powerful and meaningful photography. 


B e c   H u g h e s
Director/Creative Director/Photographer
Bec is at her happiest outside and with a camera in her hand (and a coffee in the other). With boundless enthusiasm and a love for great ideas, Bec has been capturing stuff on 'film' since she was a bendy young teen. Over the past ten years, The House of Hues has gone from strength to strength, and it's the close knit relationships with brilliant and inspiring people that she values most. 

Likes:  clever design,  funny people,  playing with words
Dislikes:  negative nancies,  laziness,  raw onion


A m y   F r e e m a n
Retoucher/Post Production Superhero
Amy spends most of her time touching up people she's never met.....! She's a whizz kid on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and has over a decade of experience in professional photographic retouching and post production (editing). 

Likes:  sunshine,  making lists,  abstract paintings
Dislikes:  being late,  rainy days,  bad pop music