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Forget everything you think you know about bowling alleys! Lane7 is a boutique bowling alley that really has taken things to the next level.

Boasting 3 bars, a restaurant, 8 bowling lanes, pool, ping/beer pong, karaoke, and 9 hole mini golf, Lane7 is a grown-up and chic hang out spot where any hipster would feel right at home in the ‘New York warehouse’ style interiors.

Owner Tim Wilks pulled in the best of the best to help bring his ideas to life; interior designer Julie Chambers, brand and design consultants Wonder Stuff Studio, and communications and PR expert, Christian Cerisola, and it really paid off.

Brief: This place is right up our alley (sorry, had to get that one out of the way!) It was great to be involved right from the early days when it was just a shell/building site and what was to come existed only in Tim’s head! 

It was also a privilege to work alongside the crew at Wonder Stuff Studio, the design geniuses behind, among many other things, that very clever ‘flippable/reversible’ ambigram Lane7 logo (you’re checking if it works now, aren’t you? Told you it was cool).

And it was a joy to capture the work of Interior Designer Julie Chambers, of Newton Hall, Tup Tup Palace, As You Like It, Tokyo, Mr Lynch fame (and MANY more). In fact, Julie seems to be single-handedly making the North East incredibly cool.  

In order to sit well within the existing brand identity and the stunning ‘boutique meets industrial’ interiors, the style of architectural photography also needed to be cool and relaxed. Using the well-thought-out lighting instead of flash, and capturing fly on the wall action of the staff and punters going about their business allowed us to produce a set of architectural photography-style images that have a real and genuine quality – just like Lane7 itself.

All in all, the project can be summed up by this quote found on “Scran on the Tyne” review:

“’s clear that every individual or company involved in bringing Lane7 to life actually spoke to each other (it’s a rare thing!) to ensure it all fits together flawlessly.”


Client website:

Branding and Identity Design: Wonder Stuff Studio,

see how they designed the Identity + Logo here:

Interior Design: Julie Chambers Design, Twitter

Detailed Review: Scran on the Tyne



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