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. Papa Ganoush .

The street food scene in Newcastle and across the North East is absolutely booming. And the best thing is we're all the winners in this game!

But I think it's fair to say that a few players are stand out, such as award-winning street food gurus Papa Ganoush. Father and Son team, Tim ('papa') and Tom (presumably 'ganoush') bring Middle Eastern deliciousness to the North East of England, and were after some photography to capture the essence of their style of food, and also their personality.

We focused in on the hand made and artisanal qualities of what they do. We spent a day in the kitchen (their kitchen, to be precise) and a day on location at a food festival and by the end of it we were all sick of each other! But at least we got some nice pictures ;-)

Since our shoot, they've landed a gig in Fenwick's food market, opened a restaurant, and bagged a few awards. We'd like to think it's down to our photography.................

......and absolutely nothing to do with their damn tasty food. 

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