. #PeopleArePowerful .

Whether you are a Prince, a CEO, an artist, a volunteer, an athlete, a loud-mouth, an actress, a soldier, a dancer, a journalist, a lawyer, a professor, a dreamer, a creative, an astro-physicist, a student, a child, or someone with age and wisdom, we all have a story. A story as unique as each of us. And in that story there is power.

Other people's experience of struggle and love, success and failure, pain and strength strikes a chord in all of us. Why? Perhaps because it’s honest.

Ever heard of Humans of New York? If not, where have you been? Check it out in the link to the right. (WARNING: Do not visit the HONY site if you have to be somewhere in 10 minutes, you WILL be late).

Everyday people’s stories are so incredibly powerful and HONY taps into that raw honesty that draws us to one another. 

So, in our #PeopleArePowerful portrait photography series, we celebrate the strength that exists in everyone, and the ability that we

all have to help and inspire others.

No matter how young or old we are, whether we consider ourselves a success or a failure, no matter where we've come from or where we're going, People Are Powerful.


Humans Of New York

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