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. Teach A Man To Fish .

We offer completely personalised photography courses to businesses so they can build their confidence in all things photography, take control of their images, and keep costs down. 

In an age where we've all become accutely aware of the importance of our image and how we project ourselves to the world (wide web), professional photography is in high demand.

But budgets don't always allow for a pro

photographer to be on tap and if you're putting images out anywhere, it's in your best interests to make sure they're up to scratch! 

So whether you want to improve your smart phone photos to leverage that all-important power of social media, or you're looking for personalised advice and training for a more professional kit out, we can help.

Scroll down to learn how Teach A Man To Fish has helped other businesses...

What to expect from Teach A Man To Fish:
training on all facets of the image making process, from start to finish
.  identify your goals
.  establish your budget and equipment needs
.  source kit and software within your budget
.  show you how to use all of it
.  help you navigate the editing workflow
.  help you understand file types and what you need to know about getting your images online and in print


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. Torro Cases .

Michael and Billy at Torro Cases got in touch when they wanted to bring their product photography in-house. Having previously outsourced the photography, they were interested to see if there was a way they could produce high quality and consistent images themselves. And of course, the process had to be a cost saving exercise. 

We quickly established 4 key factors:
1. their photography knowledge and skills,
2. what equipment they had access to,
3. what their budget was for further equipment and training, and
4. precisely what they wanted to achieve from the Teach A Man To Fish process.  

Once the detailed proposal was signed off, I was able to provide Torro with 2 shopping lists (one for more expensive equipment, the other for cheaper equipment that would still achieve high quality results, and some advice on how to get the most out of it), and 2 half days of training. The first half day covered familiarising them with their new lighting and background equipment (they went for the cheaper option) plus a live and interactive product shoot (where Billy hid under the table) to ensure professional results were achieved. The second half day covered familiarising them with editing software and a live and interactive editing workflow from start to finish. Together we tested that they could output images that were

appropriate for their online shop and website -  and as you can see from the images above, the results were incredible.

I also provided Torro with extensive notes on various equipment options, how they work, price guides, and where to buy them. I put them in touch with a local video company to provide training and advice, as this is something they wanted to pursue. By the end of their Teach A Man To Fish training experience, Torro were armed with the equipment and know-how to fully control the quality and appearance of their product images at a fraction of the cost and time it had taken them when outsourcing.

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